Breathe cleaner air


Decluttering is a terrific first step toward creating a healthier living environment.  Once your clutter is reduced, you’ll quickly discover your home will be less dusty.  Dust is associated with illnesses and allergies, and it can contain things like pollen, mold, and hairs.  It’s no secret that when you feel unwell, your outlook on life can wane.  Thankfully, there are ways to further your clean air efforts.  One simple way to improve air quality is to routinely change the air filters on your HVAC system.  Filters with high MERV ratings are an optimal choice, as they can remove many unhealthy airborne elements.  Adding an air purifier can also boost your indoor air quality, and you might want to locate purifiers in bedrooms, especially if someone in your family is sensitive.  On top of cleaner air, the white noise can potentially improve sleep quality, which is another key to wellness.  

Another way to breathe cleaner air is to get outdoors more often. You can hit the trails and go hiking in a nature preserve, or you can take your family for a bike ride around the neighborhood. You can also get more fresh air by using a scooter to get around instead of your car. Scooters are perfect for running errands, and they’re easy to park and may help you avoid traffic. 

Cyndi Burt