Enjoy better slumber


Sleep is particularly important to your wellness, since it’s when your mind and body do repair work.  Sleep deprivation can potentially feed concerns like depression, anxiety, and negative thought patterns.  Insomnia can also impact physical health, and appears to be linked with issues like heart disease and diabetes. 

There are several simple things you can do to sleep better at night.  First, you can examine your diet.  Psychology Today points out consuming more magnesium can improve sleep.  Magnesium offers other crucial benefits as well, such as improving neurological, muscular, and vascular health.  Without sufficient magnesium, your body won’t process calcium to nourish bones, but will allow it to accumulate in nerves, muscles, and arteries.  Magnesium is found in foods like leafy greens, unprocessed whole grains, squash, and broccoli, or you can take a supplement.  If you opt for a supplement, it’s important to note most contain magnesium oxide, which isn’t absorbable, so read labels carefully.  

There are additional factors which can influence sleep.  Consider what might make you uncomfortable at night.  If your sleep environment is keeping you awake, lowering the thermostat and installing blackout curtains can help.  Another option is to consider trying a new mattress better designed for your sleep style.  If aches and pains are making you toss and turn, a chiropractor can often provide relief.  

Cyndi Burt