Cut down on clutter


When you hang onto things you don’t need, there are surprising consequences.  Those items can restrict your wellness, keeping you from feeling like you’re accomplishing your goals, or shackling you to undesired obligations.  By decluttering, you can enjoy a number of benefits, like reducing stress, bolstering self-esteem, and freeing yourself of negativity tied to clutter.  MindBodyGreen explains the process of paring down can be daunting, but the key is to avoid taking on too much at once.  Sort items into a few piles: things to keep, donate, and what you aren’t sure about, and part ways with your donations before they are assimilated back into your clutter.  Once your done, take the time for a thorough cleaning to ensure optimal home wellness.  If you don’t feel like tackling this yourself, a cleaning service might be worth considering. Hiring a maid service in Carpinteria typically costs between $110 and $150.  It’s an affordable investment in your home and mental health. 

Cyndi Burt