Class Instructors at Our Carpinteria Fitness Gym

Class Instructors at Carpinteria's Very Own Fitness Gym

Dominique Cavalli

Dominique Cavalli Carpinteria Fitness Gym Instructor

Dominique has been a runner her entire life. One of her first memories is running around a track with her parents. She has completed several 1/2 marathons and one marathon.

After years and years of running long distance, Dominique's body began to break down. In fact in 2015, after completing a half marathon in Seattle with her sister, she found herself in so much pain she promised herself she would take a yoga class that week. In her wildest dreams Dominique would never expect that class to change her life... but it did.

After just one week her pain began to diminish, she felt stronger more flexible, lost weight and her anxiety was gone! After practicing for 6 months, Dominique did her first teacher training and has been teaching ever since. Her dream is to share yoga with as many people as she can.

She loves teaching yoga to all ages! She's certified in kids yoga, 26/2 and vinyasa flow. One of Dominique's favorite quotes and something she wants all her students to know is, "let go of fear and you can do amazing things"!

Dominique teaches two different yoga classes:

  • Warm 26/2 Yoga
    60 minutes
    All levels > beginners to advanced
    In this yoga class you will become more flexible, stronger, and achieve better balance. There are 26 poses, always same order; and 2 breathing exercises.. Each pose specifically used for maximum healing benefits.
  • Warm Vinyasa Flow Foga
    60 minutes
    All levels > beginners to advanced
    This class is a bit more challenging but beginners will still have a wonderful experience. In this class you will become more flexible, stronger and achieve better balance. You will move through poses with your breath in a very mindful way.

John Pasini

John Pasini Carpinteria Fitness Gym Instructor

As a former tennis player and instructor, lifeguard and swim instructor, and ski instructor, John Pasini is now a seasoned Zumba and Spin instructor. He is bringing Cycle 45 to Rincon Fitness Mondays and Wednesdays at 6:30 pm.

Benefits of being in John's spinning class:

"Join me to play with resistance, pace and position to get stronger and leaner with a smile on your face!"

Janine Ivanelli

Janine Ivanilli Carpinteria Fitness Gym Instructor

Janine is a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS, 2010) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT, 2013).The only thing you need to bring is a willingness to make a few small changes which you consistently practice over time. A commitment to your own strength, cardiovascular and core training will lead you to a stronger, more flexible body and a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. By working out with Janine, you will enjoy the benefits of bringing some or all of these into your beautiful life: Cardiovascular Exercise, Dynamic Warmup, Core Strengthening, Resistance Training, Static Stretching, Yoga, Balance, Flexibility and time for Rest. Janine's focus is to support you in your fitness and nutrition goals so that you can become your best self.

Janine teaches 40+Fitness:

Carpinteria Fitness Gym 40+ Fitness Class
  • Fitness at any age! 40+Fitness at Rincon Fitness is a Fun Fabulous Fitness hour. Warm up on cardio, practice high intensity interval training (HIIT) for strong healthy heart, get timed in circuit training with weight lifting, core, balance and Total Resistance Exercise (TRX) training. Sweat and have fun!

Susie Longwill

Susie Longwill Carpinteria Fitness Gym Instructor

Susie's love of yoga was definitely not immediate. The quiet and stillness made her uncomfortable and she was overwhelmed by the how the practice made her glaringly aware of weaknesses in her body and mind. But she likes a challenge, so kept showing up. Now 20 years later, and while still challenging in many ways, yoga has ultimately become an incredible source of healing and heart-opening. For a long time, teaching for Susie seemed unlikely, as she was always the shy student hiding in the far corner of the room. But eventually, she decided that the best way to embody the gratitude she felt for the practice and her many amazing teachers, was to share it with others.

Benefits of attending Susie's classes:

I hope you walk off your mat with a calm awareness and the ability to breathe deeper and move through your daily life with a little more ease... i guide a vinyasa flow practice with the intention of encouraging lots of breath and curiosity about how our bodies move and the important connection between heart/ mind/ body. The practice is meant to be challenging and fun... with modifications and options, so that yogis of all levels feel welcome.

Daniel Bowen

Daniel Bowen Carpinteria Fitness Gym Instructor

Daniel has been practicing yoga for 25 years and teaching for 21 years. He received his yoga certifications at The Santa Barbara Yoga Center in 1997 for both hatha yoga and therapeutic /restorative Yoga. He has also studied basics in ashtanga, Iyenger, dynamic flow and vinyasa Yoga.

Daniel has received two consecutive grants from the Balm Foundation to teach restorative yoga at the Sweeney Youth Home for delinquent adolescent boys in Carpinteria, CA, and is currently teaching senior yoga at Woodglen Hall, an assisted living community. Daniel uses different yoga techniques and experiences to teach in an intuitive way. This provides a full spectrum and spontaneous approach that is based on the individual needs and ability of each student.

Class descriptions:

Restorative yoga: healing and supportive for body and mind using props and therapeutic techniques.

Dynamic yoga: a system characterized by constant change, activity and progress.

Sandra Periera

Class Instructors Sandra Periera Carpinteria Fitness Gym

My passion for sports and fitness began very early in life, by playing soccer in Brazil. In 1983,I left Brazil for NYC. There, I started taking jazz dance class, and became fascinated with biomechanics and movement, which led me to participate in a choreography workshop. Then, I started teaching a stretch and tone class, called Nickolaus Technique. But I really found my calling in 1992, when I began weightlifting, bodybuilding and became a personal trainer.

In 2003, I moved to California, continuing personal training; a few of my specialties include, biomechanics, postural alignment and strength training. Here, I also created some unique fusion classes like combining yoga with weights, core exercises with yoga, and my newest addition, that I am now offering, at Rincon Fitness USA, fusion cycling, combined with hand weights. A great full body workout! I became a bike enthusiast when doing the AIDS Lifecycle, 545 miles from San Fran to LA. It was a blast! In addition to being an ACE certified personal trainer and fitness instructor, I have an Associate degree in Applied Science. After 25 years, as a fitness professional, I still remain passionate for my field, and dedicated to helping people achieve their goals!

Sandra's spinning class:

Fusion Cycling is a challenging, full-body interval workout that will promote great cardiovascular and muscular endurance. It's a combination of spinning with light weights & high repetitions. This class is appropriate for all levels.

Kathleen Reddington

Class Instructors Kathleen Reddington Carpinteria Fitness Gym

Kathleen began her athletic career at the age of eight when her mother enrolled her in Russian ballet technique classes. From there she studied ballet for a number of years. In her teens she trained diligently to become a skilled competitive figure skater. In college she was part of the SIU Dance Company and graduated with a minor in Dance and Theater. FYI: She majored in Journalism and Political Science. Relocating to the West Coast Kathleen continued her dance training with Denon Rawles Paramount Studios and auditioned for Rock Videos and commercials in Hollywood. If you look real close her dance happy legs appear in the background of a few videos. In 1984, she was selected as an Olympic Rhythmic Gymnastics warm up coach. She then trained and appeared with Los Angeles Modern Dance and Ballet where she was first introduced to yoga and pilates under the tutelage of Naomi Goldberg. After becoming a mom, Kathleen continued her studies in dance, movement, Yoga and (mat) Pilates, obtaining certification as an instructor in both disciplines.

It is with pleasure she joins Rincon Fitness staff and hopes to bring whole body wellness, balance, strength agility and flexibility to the Rincon Fitness community.

Kathleen's yoga and mat pilates classes:

In attending Kathleen's yoga and mat pilates classes, you will experience a deeper sense of connection to your body, mind and spirit. You will have a greater feeling of whole body wellness, greater balance (both physically and emotionally/spiritually), greater overall body strength and flexibility.

Terrance Brown

Terrance Brown Carpinteria Fitness Gym Instructor

Hello, my name is Terrance Brown . I am a personal trainer and fitness instructor in Santa Barbara, California . My goal is to transform people's lives into a better lifestyle. I love utilizing my natural gift to encourage people to get and stay in shape both as a fitness instructor and as a motivational speaker. My ultimate goals are, to teach and inspire individuals to transform their lives while having fun doing it.

I understand that being fit isn’t just about the number on the scale: it’s about a lifestyle. It’s about believing that you deserve to be healthy. Therefore, dedication and hard work is the key. I bring this infectious passion for health wellness, and most importantly, self-love, to every class that I teach and every person that I encounter.

Browns "Soul Cycling"- is a rhythmic dance/spinning class...accompanied with great music!!! It is a group-exercise session in which participants ride stationary bicycles at varying speeds and resistance settings. Just imagine transferring your dance moves from the dance floor to the spinning class!

Benefits of attending Terrance's Soul Cycling class:

There are numerous benefits and improvements with this spin class: burning calories, building muscle tone, increasing cardio endurance, relieving stress, reducing risks of injury, and super important > having fun!

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What Our Members are Saying:

What I like about Rincon Fitness USA is the clean, comfortable and friendly atmosphere they have created. All of the equipment I need is here and it is right down the street. Having this gym has greatly increased our quality of life in Carpinteria.  -- K.S., Carpinteria


#Get805STRONG at Rincon Fitness USA with Cross-Training!

By Rincon Fitness USA on Mar 16, 2018 in News and Events

One of the best things about Rincon Fitness USA, Carpinteria’s newest full-service gym, is that there’s a wide variety of fitness options offered to suit each member’s individual goals and health needs. One of the things we pride ourselves on is providing a clean, state-of-the-art facility that offers everyone an opportunity to create and follow their own cross-training program. According to WebMD, cross-training is a beneficial workout method that targets all of the muscle groups and systems in the body in order to achieve a high level of all-around fitness. Experienced “gym rats” mix up their exercise routine in order to improve strength, endurance, cardio-vascular capacity and flexibility. Cross-training also builds mindfulness, prevents “training boredom and burnout, as well as protects us from injuries. For those of us that participate in a particular team or individual sport, a well-rounded exercise regime helps enhance our performance.


Rincon Fitness Jumps into the Gym Game

Rincon Fitness Jumps into the Gym Game
By Rincon Fitness USA on Mar 15, 2018 in News and Events

The culmination of a long-held vision, Kevin Twohy and his wife Louisa opened Rincon Fitness with a ribbon-cutting ceremony attended by the Carpinteria Valley Chamber of Commerce, Carpinteria Mayor Fred Shaw and other community members on March 2. Focusing on creating a facility with quality equipment, a friendly staff and a wide selection of classes, Kevin recently told CVN, “My vison is to help people become the best version of themselves through a healthy body, mind and spirit.” Rincon Fitness is located at 4188 Carpinteria Ave.


Get #805STRONG! Grand Opening of Rincon Fitness USA Gym

Get #805STRONG! Grand Opening of Rincon Fitness USA Gym
By Rincon Fitness USA on Feb 27, 2018 in News and Events

Carpinteria, CA (February 27) - As we head into March, South Coast citizens are now finally settling back into work, home and lifestyle routines that are vital for well-being after the Thomas Fire and January 9 debris flow. According to FEMA's website, it's important to "Take steps to promote your own physical and emotional healing by healthy eating, rest, exercise, relaxation, and meditation."


Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!
By Rincon Fitness USA on Feb 21, 2018 in News and Events

Celebrating the Grand Opening of RinconFitnessUSA


Grand Opening Week, March 2nd-8th, 2018

Grand Opening Week, March 2nd-8th, 2018
By Rincon Fitness USA on Feb 21, 2018 in News and Events