#Get805STRONG at Rincon Fitness USA with Cross-Training!

#Get805STRONG at Rincon Fitness USA with Cross-Training!

By Rincon Fitness USA on Mar 16, 2018 in News and Events

One of the best things about Rincon Fitness USA, Carpinteria’s newest full-service gym, is that there’s a wide variety of fitness options offered to suit each member’s individual goals and health needs. One of the things we pride ourselves on is providing a clean, state-of-the-art facility that offers everyone an opportunity to create and follow their own cross-training program. According to WebMD, cross-training is a beneficial workout method that targets all of the muscle groups and systems in the body in order to achieve a high level of all-around fitness.  Experienced “gym rats” mix up their exercise routine in order to improve strength, endurance, cardio-vascular capacity and flexibility. Cross-training also builds mindfulness, prevents “training boredom and burnout, as well as protects us from injuries. For those of us that participate in a particular team or individual sport, a well-rounded exercise regime helps enhance our performance.

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With all the exercise choices and equipment at Rincon Fitness USA, it’s easy to create an individualized workout routine that will give you fitness, health and wellness results. Here is a sampling of the

cross-training options we offer:


Weight training:

Hammersmith plate loaded machine – works the back, chest and leg

“Jungle Gym cable weight training machine – works all the muscles in the body

Dumb Bells – 5# - 120#

Bench Presses – flat and incline

Squat Rack

Smith Machine – fixed motion machine for controlled squats


Cardio training:


Precore Elliptical trainers

Life Fitness treadmills

Stationary and recumbent bicycles

Spinning (studio class)

Cardio Boxing (studio class)


Group fitness classes (click here for updated schedule):


Cardio Boxing

Yoga – 4 classes: Warm, Yoga-lates (yoga & Pilates), Vinyasa, Flow

40+ Fitness: Circuit training


For more information about creating a cross-training program that’s right for you, click here.


So if you’re looking to get stronger, leaner, lose weight, and make other improvements to your

all-around health and happiness, Rincon Fitness USA is the place to cross-train, look great, feel better and #Get805STRONG!