Our Vision is to "Help people become their best selves through a healthy body, mind, and spirit."

As many people know, Rincon Fitness USA opened December 1, 2017 in Carpinteria. What many people don’t know is the background on how it came into existence.

A Carpinteria Fitness Gym Reborn


Prior to Rincon Fitness, there was another gym in the same location, of which Kevin’s wife and their grown children were members.That facility closed in April of 2017, much to the sadness of Kevin’s family, and many other Carpinteria residents. In an effort to help his family have a quality workout experience, Kevin decided to join a group of other Carpinteria residents (who had been members of the previous facility) to see what could be done to get another fitness center opened and operating.

Although this group met over the summer of 2017 with good intentions and enthusiasm, nothing was to come of their combined efforts. In September a quick decision had to be made, as the location was being considered by two different corporate gym owners. Coming from an entrepreneurial and business background, Kevin reviewed the pros and cons of owning and operating a fitness center and decided to go forward with the vision of creating a gym for the entire community. Over the following several months, he signed the lease, purchased equipment, and hired staff.

Today, notwithstanding the challenges of the fire and mudslides in the area during December and January 2017-2018, Rincon Fitness USA is open and providing a quality workout facility for hundreds of Carpinteria residents!

As a family-owned business, Kevin and Louisa are hopeful that Rincon Fitness USA will serve the fitness and well-being needs for the entire Carpinteria community. Please feel free to contact Kevin directly if you have any questions or want to chat about your fitness experience. He can be reached at kevin@rinconfitnessusa.com.

Rincon Fitness manager Victoria Rincon and owners Louisa and Kevin Twohy

Rincon Fitness manager Victoria Rincon and owners Louisa and Kevin Twohy